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Carolina Reb
2017-04-20 03:21:46 UTC
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NTS posted....

With the momentary lull in the rush to war by the lunatics
running the asylum in Washington DC, I figured it would be
time to take another look at that criminal that is right now
sitting in the White House... I am of course talking about
that warmonger, Donald Drumpf... Lets again make things clear
here... I was indeed one of the ones who wanted to be patient
and have a "wait and see" attitude to see if Drumpf was indeed
going to keep his promises to "Make America Great Again" and
to stop all of the wars that the US had been committed to and
for the criminal Jewish pricks running America and of course
the psychotic state of Israel...But it did not take long for
Drumpf to show his true colours and escalate America's
conflicts overseas..... Therefore the gloves are now off,
and I and others see Drumpf for what he is, which is a
warmonger and a war criminal....

The Peeler
2017-04-20 10:32:59 UTC
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