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Loose Cannon
2017-09-08 03:38:43 UTC
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The Peeler
2017-09-08 09:55:20 UTC
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Loose Sphincter crying in MID: <l1ltsa$pf8$***@speranza.aioe.org>

"This is embarrassing. My fraternity from graduating class of 1980 is
having our re-union right after Thanksgiving this year. We've booked I
think 194 of us (with wives) on 'Norwegian Cruise Lines" for
7days/6nights in the Caribbean. The problem is my wife. She has added
about 65-70 lbs of unsightly fat on her body and her once cute face
looks like an old catcher's mitt since our college days. I'm embarrassed
to show the old gang that this pig was the best I could do for a wife. I
just know I'll be a laughing stock when this cruise is over. Should i go
with her, leave her home and hire a young sexy escort for the week to
pose as my second wife, or should I just make some excuse and stay home.
Any logical suggestions will be considered."


Why, oh WHY, are ALL you Nazis, ALWAYS, without ANY exception, such LAUGHING
Loose Sphincter about his predilection:
"Foreskins, and only foreskins. That's my life."
MID: <***@4ax.com>
2017-09-08 18:03:04 UTC
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"I hanged those ten Nazis... and I am proud of it"!
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John C. Woods, the great American who had the honor of hanging ten
nazi monsters in Nuremberg.