Best job you'll ever find that only pays $100
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Loose Cannon
2017-03-05 19:09:40 UTC
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It's great work, if you can find it. You can do it in your spare time.


TEL AVIV — The Iranian-backed Hezbollah organization was caught
attempting to establish a terrorist network comprising several cells
in the West Bank with the goal of orchestrating attacks against Jews
in that territory and beyond.

The Palestinian Authority arrested and interrogated some members of
the network, which was comprised of gunmen from Fatah’s Al Aqsa
Martyrs Brigade seeking to make additional money from Hezbollah, PA
security sources told WND.

The security sources said Hezbollah sought to pay the chief of each
terror cell $400 per month while each regular member would receive
$100 per month in salary.

The terrorists-for-hire would get bonus funds for each attack
successfully orchestrated, with the amount depending on the size and
importance of the attack and the number of Jewish casualties, the
sources said.
The Peeler
2017-03-05 19:53:41 UTC
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On Sun, 05 Mar 2017 14:09:40 -0500, Loose Sphincter, the unhappily married
nazi homo, whined again:

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Come on, Loose Sphincter, entertain us with more stories about your PIG at
home! LOL
Loose Sphincter, the unhappily married nazi homo, whining in public about
its "PIG": "The problem is my wife"!
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You're just angry because your life is shit, because you
never achieved anything and never will, and because you're
married to a fat, ugly, obnoxious PIG whom you hate.



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This is embarrassing. My fraternity from graduating class of 1980 is
having our re-union right after Thanksgiving this year. We've booked I
think 194 of us (with wives) on 'Norwegian Cruise Lines" for
7days/6nights in the Caribbean. The problem is my wife. She has added
about 65-70 lbs of unsightly fat on her body and her once cute face
looks like an old catcher's mitt since our college days. I'm embarrassed
to show the old gang that this pig was the best I could do for a wife. I
just know I'll be a laughing stock when this cruise is over. Should i go
with her, leave her home and hire a young sexy escort for the week to
pose as my second wife, or should I just make some excuse and stay home.
Any logical suggestions will be considered.