Everything you ever wanted to know about jews (but were afraid to ask)
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Kenneth McVay
2017-04-16 04:16:35 UTC
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jew pedophile Ron Jacobson (jew pedophile Baruch 'Barry' Shein's jew aliash)
2017-04-16 13:09:04 UTC
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On Sun, 16 Apr 2017 00:16:35 -0400, leading shabbos goy Kenneth 'Oy
Post by Kenneth McVay
Oy vey, McVay!



RJ (preferred jew aliash)
Sick old pedo Andrew "Andrzej" Baron (aka "The Revd Terence Fformby-Smythe")
2017-04-16 13:48:25 UTC
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Andrzej eats shite

Andrzej rapes children

Andrzej used to peddle defective, pirated software in London

The Peeler
2017-04-16 17:38:36 UTC
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They are ALL sexual cripples!

And every single post by them betrays it! LOL
Anal Razovic about herself:
"And you just wish someone, anyone, anything would cornhole you!"
jew pedophile Baruch 'Barry' Shein
2017-04-17 12:43:45 UTC
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On 4/16/2017 6:09 AM, jew pedophile Ron Jacobson (jew pedophile Baruch
Post by jew pedophile Ron Jacobson (jew pedophile Baruch 'Barry' Shein's jew aliash)
On Sun, 16 Apr 2017 00:16:35 -0400, leading shabbos goy Kenneth 'Oy
Post by Kenneth McVay
Oy vey, McVay!
RJ (preferred jew aliash)
One of, our most VALUED useful idiots. The a"h shpent his whole fucking
shabbos goy LIFE 'documenting' shomething that never even HAPPENED! If
THAT doesn't desherve an Order of B'ris Canada NO thing does!

The Peeler
2017-04-17 14:28:04 UTC
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Here is all you need to know

The top 5 truths about poor dumb Razovic, our colostomy bag wearing resident
psychopath, aka "The Rectum":

the desperate psycho can't SLEEP anymore,
she can't get out of the house anymore,
she got NOBODY to talk to anymore,
she can't FUCK anymore,
she got no life outside Usenet AT ALL!
Silk from "uk.rec.driving" to our resident wanker Razovic:
"It's a shame there isn't a degree in wanking. They'd make YOU a professor."
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Loose Cannon
2017-04-17 19:19:58 UTC
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In article <58f4b882$0$38668$b1db1813$***@news.astraweb.com>,
a shiteating, child-raping cowardly nazoid forger wrote:

[sub-drivel flushed]

He raped kiddies BOTH in Warsaw and London, the filthy nazoid perv!
2017-04-16 13:35:03 UTC
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In article <***@4ax.com>,
NOT Kenneth McVay, but a nazoid pedo forger who married a PIG, wrote:


You're just angry because your life is shit, because you
never achieved anything and never will, and because you're
married to a fat, ugly, obnoxious PIG whom you hate.



From: [FAKE] Loose Cannon <***@gmx.com>
Message-ID: <l1ltsa$pf8$***@speranza.aioe.org>

This is embarrassing. My fraternity from graduating class of 1980 is
having our re-union right after Thanksgiving this year. We've booked I
think 194 of us (with wives) on 'Norwegian Cruise Lines" for
7days/6nights in the Caribbean. The problem is my wife. She has added
about 65-70 lbs of unsightly fat on her body and her once cute face
looks like an old catcher's mitt since our college days. I'm embarrassed
to show the old gang that this pig was the best I could do for a wife. I
just know I'll be a laughing stock when this cruise is over. Should i go
with her, leave her home and hire a young sexy escort for the week to
pose as my second wife, or should I just make some excuse and stay home.
Any logical suggestions will be considered.

The Peeler
2017-04-16 17:34:18 UTC
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* *

Leading US neo-Nazi jailed for child porn possession
Kevin Alfred Strom (born 1956 in Anchorage, Alaska) is the former
Managing Director of National Vanguard, a Charlottesville-based
organization that has been described as a racist, white separatist,
homophobic, and a Neo-Nazi hate group by the Southern Poverty Law
Center and the Anti-Defamation League.[1][2] Strom resigned from
National Vanguard in July 2006.[3] National Vanguard reportedly
disbanded on March 14, 2007, and its website has been dormant since
that time. In 2008 Strom pleaded guilty to possession of ten images
of child pornography and was sentenced to 23 months in prison.[4]
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Alfred_Strom

More on neo-nazis and child porn
Neo-Nazi had child abuse images

British neo-nazi leader was gay, died of AIDS
Nicola Vincenzio "Nicky" Crane was a British neo-Nazi skinhead
activist. He came out as gay before dying from an AIDS-related

Nazism and homosexuality/perversion: general survey
"Many founding and high-ranking Nazis were homosexuals.
The evidence indicates that Adolf Hitler himself was
a homosexual."
"The Nazis arose out of a macho homosexual subculture long-
incubating in Germany that idealized warriorship and homosexual
pederasty (Male sex with younger males). The evidence of this
is overwhelming"

Both Leaders of the German neo-Nazi scene were homosexuals
Bela Ewald Althans (born 23 March 1966 in Hannover[1][2])
is a German former neo-Nazi activist. Once the leading
organiser in Germany's neo-Nazi underground.
Althans, who subsequently acknowledged his homosexuality...

Michael Kuhnen (21 June 1955, Bonn - 25 April 1991, Kassel)
was a leader in the German neo-Nazi movement.
Kuhnen's homosexuality was made public in 1986, and he died of
HIV-related complications in 1991.

neo-Nazi leader shot dead by his 10 year old son whom he abused
neo-nazi leader Jeff Hall shot dead by... his 10 year old son,
after the boy could no longer stand the abuse he suffered.

Joerg Haider: leader of Austrian far-right was a homosexual
Haider was Governor of Carinthia on two occasions, and the long-
time leader of the Austrian Freedom Party. Haider was frequently
criticized for statements in praise of Nazi policies, or considered
antisemitic. He was killed in a car accident. Haider, who on
the night of his death was partying in a gay bar, was a homosexual.
Loose Sphincter, the unhappily married nazi homo, whining in public about
its "PIG": "The problem is my wife"!
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