About pragmatism..
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2018-04-07 22:55:32 UTC
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About pragmatism..

This is a very interesting subject, one of the fondation ideas
of philosophy is that there is rationalism and there is empiricism,
rationalism is like the "theory", and alone it can give problems,
this is why pragmatism also dictates that we have also to know how to be
both rationalism and empiricism to be a better or be a better system,
this bring a very interesting "analogy", look at socialism of
Algeria, i think socialism of Algeria is not pragmatic, but
it is like the deficiency of being only rationalism !
because socialism is more based on idealism ! it is
based more on the "theory" that is more idealistic, and this
is not pragmatic, because being pragmatic is being "efficiency"
and being efficiency is being efficiency of both rationalism
and empiricism ! this is also the defect of the "Syrian" regime,
the actual Russia has almost the same defect because it is archaism of
"nationalism" that is inefficient and that is less pragmatic than the
UK governance that is pragmatic and more Elitist and that follows the
way of efficiency and optimization. Here is what i have posted about
Russia that is an inefficient country:

About Russia's economy...

Read this:

Why Switzerland was ranked the most economically free nation in Europe ?

The important characteristics of Switzerland are:

1. Rule of law

2. Optimization of the Government size

3. Regulatory efficiency

4. Open markets

Read more here:


So now about "Russia", Russia lacks many of the requirements for strong
economy, read the following to notice it:

"Russia’s transition from a centrally planned economy to a more
market-based system has stalled, and the country remains predominantly
statist. Further economic reforms have been subordinated to the
imperatives of political stability and government longevity. The private
sector has been marginalized by structural and institutional constraints
caused by ever-growing government encroachment into the marketplace.
Large state-owned institutions and an inefficient public sector dominate
the economy. The judiciary is vulnerable to corruption, and weak
protection of property rights undermines prospects for optimal long-term
economic development."


Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.
jew pedophile Ron Jacobson (jew pedophile Baruch 'Barry' Shein's jew aliash)
2018-04-08 12:03:26 UTC
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Post by Sky89
About pragmatism..
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2018-04-08 12:40:53 UTC
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2018-04-08 16:20:54 UTC
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Post by Sky89
About pragmatism..
Hello raghead...
What about ragheadism?
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