Recipe for the gooks Ejercito and Chung
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Susan Cohen
2021-10-10 04:03:23 UTC


1 cat cut into roast
1 can of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup
1 cube of beef bouillon
1 clove of garlic
1 Fine Irish Stout, a lot like a popular dark Irish BeerĀ®, but NOT
that brand at their lawyers' request. They alledge this article,
educating others in the legal eating habits of over 100 million people
world-wide, and specifically in rising East Asian markets, is "highly

Scraped CatCover and soak cat roast in salt water for 24 hours. Drain
water and then cover and soak in beer for 6 hours. Drain and place in
crock pot with your cans of soup. Add a clove of garlic, and a cube of
beef bouillon. If you start to slow cook your cat in the morning with
your George Foreman Cooker (or it's ilk), you'll have finely cooked
feline in time for supper.

If a slow cooker is not available, a cat can be baked at 350 degrees
for 2-3 hours in a conventional oven and still come out pretty good.
Beer Roasted Cat is fantastic served with mashed potatoes, collard
greens, and fresh, homemade egg rolls. When planning a full meal just
remember- cat is a course best served hot!

Skinned CatCat may not be the most glamorous, or tastiest of game
meats, but with a little thought and preparation, Baked Cat can make
the belly of the persnicketiest diner glow with home baked goodness.
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