* Exposing "Andy Chung" fake-doctor (aka Gook, Slope et al) being eternally condemned & ever more cursed by GOD on 01/10/20
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Loose Cannon
2020-01-10 12:55:40 UTC
You've been exposed, gook!
The Peeler
2020-01-10 15:12:02 UTC
On Fri, 10 Jan 2020 04:55:40 -0800 (PST), Loose Sphincter, the unhappily
Post by Loose Cannon
You've been exposed, gook!
Not as YOU've been exposed for the miserable gay nazitard that you are,
Loose Sphincter!
Anti-virus firm AVG <***@avg.com> addressing Loose Sphincter on Usenet:

"Hello from AVG.

Please stop advertising us. We don't want to be associated with neo-Nazi
scum like you and RichA, no matter whether you use our product or not.

And fix your fucking sig separator!

Sincerely, AVG."