Ethics Quote Of The Week: Andrew Sullivan
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Michael Ejercito
2018-02-12 17:07:27 UTC

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Ethics Quote Of The Week: Andrew Sullivan

“When elite universities shift their entire worldview away from liberal
education as we have long known it toward the imperatives of an
identity-based “social justice” movement, the broader culture is in danger
of drifting away from liberal democracy as well. If elites believe that the
core truth of our society is a system of interlocking and oppressive power
structures based around immutable characteristics like race or sex or sexual
orientation, then sooner rather than later, this will be reflected in our
culture at large.”
—-Andrew Sullivan, in a New York Magazine essay titled “We All Live On
Campus Now”.

Once again, blogger-turned-essayist Andrew Sullivan arrives at an accurate
assessment of an ethics problem in society without being able to avoid his
own biases in trying to assess where the problem came from, which would be
extremely easy if he were capable of objectivity. I recommend the whole
piece, though Sullivan is an infuriating truth-teller and iconoclast trapped
inside an angry gay man who can’t muster the integrity to directly
criticize his sexual politics allies. Incredibly, Sullivan substantially
blames Donald Trump for the phenomenon he assails here, which is ahistorical
in the extreme, bordering on delusion:

“Polarization has made this worse — because on the left, moderation now
seems like a surrender to white nationalism, and because on the right, white
identity politics has overwhelmed moderate conservatism. And Trump plays a
critical role. His crude, bigoted version of identity politics seems to
require an equal and opposite reaction. And I completely understand this
impulse. Living in this period is to experience a daily, even hourly,
psychological hazing from the bigot-in-chief. And when this white straight
man revels in his torment of those unlike him — and does so with utter
impunity among his supporters — there’s a huge temptation to respond in

Good God, Andrew, show some backbone. Trump, as can be documented and proven
beyond a shadow of a doubt, was the “response in kind” to the identity-based
social justice movement that was weaponized and reached the point of madness
under the leadership of Barack Obama. Why should anyone listen to you when
you equivocate like this and make false excuses for what was spinning out of
control before anyone thought Donald Trump had as good a chance of becoming
President as Martin O’Malley? The University of Missouri meltdown that
triggered an across-the-nation epidemic of identify politics warfare
occurred in 2015. You know that, and you still write this fiction? What’s
the matter with you?

Here’s what I wrote then,

This is a race-based power grab, inspired, I assume, by the success of Black
Lives Matter in cowing white politicians and the media into support,
obeisance and crippling white guilt. Why else would this be happening now?
Missouri isn’t alone: there is a similar manufactured race crisis at Yale.
There the provocation is vague and trivial—one incident is vague, and the
other is trivial. Students claimed that a fraternity party was blocked at
the door by a student saying “White girls only,” and the fraternity denies
it. As with “Hands up! Don’t shoot!,” the white racism narrative is just
presumed to be true. The second “outrage” was an e-mail from the associate
master of Silliman College, one of Yale’s 12 undergraduate residential
communities, that urged students not to take offense at alloween costumes
they might find insensitive. (The simple translation of this e-mail is “Oh,
grow up.”) The Yale president has decided to take the less stressful route
of grovelling to the protesters.

History tells us that this will spread around the country, not because
campuses are suddenly racist, just as they are not suddenly filled with
rapists. It will happen because activists will see an opportunity, because
college administrators are weak and eager to avoid confrontation, and
because the Obama administration has seeded divisiveness and racial distrust
throughout the culture, the President’s primary and most destructive legacy.

What? That’s AMAZING!!! How did I do that? Am I brilliant? Am I psychic? Am
I Nostrodamus? How could I predict the phenomenon Sullivan traces to Trump
before Trump was even nominated? I could do it because this has nothing to
do with Donald Trump, and everything to do with the full embrace of identity
politics, tribalism and speech suppression in the culture cynically and
disgracefully nourished by progressives, Democrats, and President Barack

There is also a gender-based power grab in full bloom, which Sullivan also
tries to blame on Trump. That’s funny, because I wrote THIS in 2014...you
know, before anyone thought of Donald Trump as anything more than a fading
reality TV star, and when everyone just knew that Hillary Clinton would be
the next President, Hallelujah!

The principles of American justice and Constitutional law give the benefit
of the doubt to the accused. Sexual politics, in contrast, which is among
the Democratic Party’s current weapons of choice, demand that the campus
system favor the accusers, who are almost always female. That’s a recipe for
injustice no matter how you look at it. And injustice is what we have.

The problem has been exacerbated, as predicted, by the Obama Administration
Department of Education’s April 4, 2011, “Dear Colleague” letter , which
requires colleges and universities that accept federal funds to utilize the
“preponderance of the evidence” standard of proof when adjudicating sexual
misconduct cases on campus, as opposed to a “beyond a reasonable doubt”
standard. What this means, in essence, is that a student can be deprived of
his education and be tarred as a sexual felon in an investigation,
prosecution and judicial determination by those untrained in legal process
and unconstrained by established standards of fairness.

I’m all in behind Andrew and any other member of the Left who comes to his
or her senses and admits that progressive efforts to divide the nation into
warring tribes tears at the fabric of democracy and national unity, but I
will not tolerate this fake history that suddenly makes progressive
opponents the villains. You did this, progressives. You were reckless,
arrogant, and wrong. Don’t you dare…don’t you dare…try pointing the finger
of blame at anyone but the mirror. If you do, that’s just one more reason to
distrust your motives and your honesty, and there are more than enough
reasons already.

Back to Andrew: when he isn’t shamelessly trying to pander to the biases of
his own tribe, which hates Trump worse than death, he is perceptive and

…And, sure enough, the whole concept of an individual who exists apart from
group identity is slipping from the discourse. The idea of individual
merit — as opposed to various forms of unearned “privilege” — is
increasingly suspect. The Enlightenment principles that formed the bedrock
of the American experiment — untrammeled free speech, due process,
individual (rather than group) rights — are now routinely understood as mere
masks for “white male” power, code words for the oppression of women and
nonwhites. Any differences in outcome for various groups must always be a
function of “hate,” rather than a function of nature or choice or freedom or
individual agency. And anyone who questions these assertions is obviously a
white supremacist himself…

The only reason this should be the case is if we think someone’s identity is
more important than the argument they might want to make. And that campus
orthodoxy is now the culture’s as a whole.

Well said, Andrew. Now tell your progressive pals to cut it the hell out,
because this is 100% their doing, and you know it.

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Loose Cannon
2018-02-12 19:03:15 UTC
On Mon, 12 Feb 2018 09:07:27 -0800, "Michael Ejercito"
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"All of [the Jews] deserved to die because they were the Devil's agents and human garbage. I have no regrets and would do it again."
-Alois Brunner
2018-02-12 20:04:00 UTC
Post by Loose Cannon
-Alois Brunner
Here he is AFTER being treated by the Israeli Mossad... LOL!


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The Peeler
2018-02-12 20:45:11 UTC
On Mon, 12 Feb 2018 14:03:15 -0500, Loose Sphincter, the unhappily married
Post by Loose Cannon
On Mon, 12 Feb 2018 09:07:27 -0800, "Michael Ejercito"
"All of [the Jews] deserved to die because they were the Devil's agents and human garbage. I have no regrets and would do it again."
-Alois Brunner
"Abu Brunner", the nazi loser with one eye and two crippled hands (after the
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One of his guards called Omar said Brunner, who went by the name of Abu
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The Jews
2018-02-13 01:09:19 UTC
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Post by Loose Cannon
On Mon, 12 Feb 2018 09:07:27 -0800, "Michael Ejercito"
"All of [the Jews] deserved to die because they were the Devil's agents and human garbage. I have no regrets and would do it again."
-Alois Brunner
Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner 'died in Syria squalor'

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The guard, identified only as Omar, said Brunner survived on meagre
army rations in the last years of his life.

The magazine's findings have been welcomed by renowned Nazi-hunter
Serge Klarsfeld.

"We are satisfied to learn that he lived badly rather than well," Mr
Klarsfeld told the AFP news agency.

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