39 truths
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Michael Ejercito
2019-05-11 22:34:03 UTC
1. Q. Why is Stevie Wonder always smiling?
A. Coz he doesn't know he's black!

2. Q. What does it say on the inside of a niggers lip?
A. Inflate to 30 pounds!

3. Q. Why don't niggers drive convertibles?
A. Coz there lips would flap them to death!

4. Q. Why do nigger smell?
A. So the blind can hate them as well!

5. Q. Why do niggers wear large brimmed hat?
A. To stop the pigeons shitting on their bottom lips!

6. Q. What do you call a nigger with a bike?
A. A thief!

7. Q. What do you say to a nigger with a job?
A. Cheeseburger and chips please!

8. Q. Why do niggers drive cars with small steering wheels?
A. So they can drive with handcuffs on!

9. Q. What does a nigger use a brick for?
A. Down payment on a T.V.!

10. Q. Why do niggers wear platformed shoes?
A. To stop their knuckles dragging on the ground!

11. Q. How do you stop a nigger jumping on your bed?
A. Velcro on the ceiling!

12. Q. What do you throw a drowning nigger?
A. His wife and kids!

13. Q. What do you throw a drowning nigger?
A. An anvil!

14. Q. What's the difference between a nigger and a bicycle?
A. A bicycle doesn't sing old man river when it's chained up!

15. Q. Why have nigger got big nostrils, big lips, curly hair and
A. Because they deserve it!

16. Q. What do you call a guy surrounded by 5 niggers?
A. Coach!

17. Q. What do you call a nigger in a suit?
A. The accused!

18. Q. What do you call a guy surrounded by 100 niggers?
A. Warden!

19. Q. What do you get if you cross a pig and a nigger?
A. Nothing because pigs are fussy who they fuck now days!

20. Q. What do you get if you cross a nigger with an octopus?
A. Something that doesn't look good but it can sure pick cotton!

21. Q. What do you get if you cross a nigger and a mexican?
A. A car thief that's too lazy to steal!

22. Q. How do you get a nigger pregnant?
A. Come in some shit and let the flies do the rest!

23. Q. What does a nigger eat for breakfast?
A. Coon flakes and Wogurt!

24. Q. Why can't niggers climb mountains?
A. Coz their lips burst above 5000 feet!

25. Q. What do you call a pickup going over a cliff with three niggers
in it?
A. A waste, you could fit four niggers in a pick up!

26. Q. What do you get if you cross a smurf and a nigger?
A. A smigger!

27. Q. What do you call a nigger with a stutter?
A. A cacoon!

28. Q. A fat nigger and a small nigger jump of a building, who hits
ground first?
A. Who gives a fuck!

29. Q. What do you call 200 niggers buried to their foreheads?
A. Afro turf!

30. Q. Why did god give niggers rhythm?
A. Coz he fucked up their lips, nostrils and hair!

31. Nigger Son to nigger dad, "Hey dad, why have you got your
on at night?".
"There not my sunglasses they're my nostrils son".

32. Q. What's colorless and lies in the gutter?
A. A nigger with the shit kicked out of him!

33. Q. What's black and slides down your windows at dawn?
A. Coondensation.

34. Q. Have you heard about the new pack of Rodney King playing cards?
A. 51 clubs and one spade!

35. Q. What's got an I.Q. of 250.
A. Any nigger country!

36. Q. Do you know how to save a drowning nigger?
A. No? That's great!

37. Q. Why are niggers good at dancing?
A. Coz Dis goes here, dis goes there! (Disco's for you slow niggers!)

38. Q. What's the black stuff between elephants toes?
A. Slow niggers!

39. Q. What do you get if you cross a nigger with a pakistani!
A. A car thief that can't drive!
The Peeler
2019-05-11 22:40:48 UTC
...as reported by the forging gay nazitard (impersonating his master Michael
Ejercito) himself! It's HILARIOUS:

"This is embarrassing. My fraternity from graduating class of 1980
having our re-union right after Thanksgiving this year. We've booked I
think 194 of us (with wives) on 'Norwegian Cruise Lines" for
7days/6nights in the Caribbean. The problem is my wife. She has added
about 65-70 lbs of unsightly fat on her body and her once cute face
looks like an old catcher's mitt since our college days. I'm embarrassed
to show the old gang that this pig was the best I could do for a wife. I
just know I'll be a laughing stock when this cruise is over. Should i go
with her, leave her home and hire a young sexy escort for the week to
pose as my second wife, or should I just make some excuse and stay home.
Any logical suggestions will be considered."

Loose Sphincter whining in MID: <l1ltsa$pf8$***@speranza.aioe.org>


Why, oh WHY, are ALL you Nazis, ALWAYS, without ANY exception, such LAUGHING
Loose Sphincter about his passion:
" I love eating the Shit out of Poor Helpless Dumb Goran Razovic! LOL"
MID: <***@4ax.com>
2019-05-12 20:27:15 UTC
FUCK you, Andrew "Andrzej" Baron... you inferior POLACK scum...
you will NEVER be one of us ARYANS!