Sail To Cuba
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Carolina Reb
2019-10-06 19:41:16 UTC
Young Americans set sail to communist Cuba. I couldn’t do it. Can you
imagine having difficulty getting fresh water? Or a potato? My god!
Wasn’t communism supposed to be a worker’s paradise? Where’s the
“paradise”? I’m not seeing it. Some years ago, I read a book written by
a woman who grew up in communist Cuba. Later, for some reason, she was
able to immigrate to America. In her book, she told all about her life
in Cuba. The communist government there gives each household a food
ration booklet (here’s one). Those booklets allow each household to buy
“x” amount of food per month at government-run food stores. But, if
you displease the communist government, in any way, the government will
lower your food rations. So now your family has less food to eat. This
is how they control people in Cuba [1]. Also, people “snitch” on their
neighbors in order to get into the good graces of the communist
government. So not only must you fear the communist government, you must
also fear your neighbors. (I’ve heard of citizens in Cuba, with tears in
their eyes, pleading with tourists or Western government officials to
help them flee Cuba because they can’t tolerate communism anymore). It’s
a sick, creepy, scary life in Cuba. Be thankful that you live in
America, White man. (It should anger you that the “international
community” never calls for the Castro brothers to be charged with “human
rights abuses” (murders, tortures, persecutions, etc.); that same
community demanded that Chile’s Augusto Pinochet and Argentina’s Jorge
Videla be imprisoned for the same crimes, but the Castro brothers remain
untouched, as if they have angels guarding them. Granted, Fidel died in
2016. When you’re a communist, you can literally get away with murder!
By the way, the Cuban government is illegal. The Castros weren’t legally
elected or legally appointed. Contrast that to Hitler, who was legally
appointed by president Paul von Hindenburg in 1933!).

[Video, duration is 18 minutes].

[1] Communist China under Mao also used to control the citizens by
limiting their food availability.
The Peeler
2019-10-06 20:10:16 UTC
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