Issues Involving Toronto's Homosexual Jews!
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Carolina Reb
2019-11-06 18:01:47 UTC
Many homosexual Jews were involved in heterosexual relationships for
years before “discovering” that they were really homosexuals. This is
telling of the homosexual mindset. They must have been in very deep
psychological denial in order to be married to a person of the opposite
sex for decades and then, presto!, one day they announce (yes, they must
announce it to the whole world) that they are “gay.” This greatly
de-legitimizes the queer movement: they don’t seem to know who or what
they really are. Queer? Straight? The rock singers David Bowie and Lou
Reed went back and forth from queer to straight several times each!
Elton John was married to a woman in 1984, but now he’s married to a
man. How confusing and sad. As for “gay marriage,” it cheapens normal
marriage. Therefore, it harms normal marriage, and so, because the
traditional family unit is the bedrock of Western civilization, “gay
marriage” is
actually harmful to Western culture. (Such “marriage” should be called
“unions” or “partnerships” or similar). Also interestingly: people who
call themselves “bisexuals” (that means “queers who have not fully ‘come
out of the closet’ yet”) commit much more domestic violence than normal
people. Queers also engage in risky behavior (e.g., taking illegal
drugs, driving a car very fast, having unprotected sex [!]) much more
often than normal people. Queers are also more likely to be pathological
liars and narcissists than normal people, and they crave constant
attention from others.

For example, the Toronto homosexual Jew Brian Lambsky's obsession with
prison drag queen Richard Speck and the homosexual rape scene in the
motion picture "Deliverance." which he exhibited on this newsgroup a few
years ago.
The Peeler
2019-11-06 18:34:07 UTC
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2019-11-06 20:56:55 UTC
Many homosexual Jews ...
...and everyone else is better than Carolina Pussy.