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Loose Cannon
2018-07-07 22:16:23 UTC
What's the best thing that ever came out of Auschwitz?
The empty buses!

What do you call a jewish faggot?
A heblew!

How do you say FUCK YOU in jewish?
"Trust me!"

How do you say FUCK YOU, ARSEHOLE in jewish?
"Trust me, my friend!"

Did you hear about the jewish Santa Claus?
He came down the chimney and said, "Would you like to BUY some
presents kiddies?"

What's the difference between a circumcision and a crucifixion?
In a crucifixion they throw out the whole jew!

Why are synagogues round?
So the jews can't hide in the corner when the collection box comes

What do you call a jewish woman's waterbed?
The Dead Sea!

How do you take a head count in israel?
Roll a penny down the street!

What's the difference between a jew and a canoe?
A canoe tips!

Why do jews have long, thin pricks?
Because they are tight-fisted wankers!

What's the jewish version of foreplay?
Half an hour of begging!
The Peeler
2018-07-07 22:30:41 UTC
No, this is NOT made up:

Online nazi Loose Sphincter is ashamed of the fat PIG he is married to and
whines about it in PUBLIC.

nazi wannabe Caroloony is publicly BEGGING people to contact her privately
and believes there is Nazi gold hidden on the moon.

Slimy Jesse, another retarded online nazi, admits he has a love affair with
his "intimate objects", his guns.

Dumb, anal, psychopathic G. Razovic keeps obsessing about men's genitals,
rectums and shit!

You just can't make this kind of shit up! LOL

Why, oh WHY, are ALL Nazis, ALWAYS, without ANY exception, such LAUGHING
Loose Sphincter about his passion:
" I love eating the Shit out of Poor Helpless Dumb Goran Razovic! LOL"
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