Israeli youth: What message do you have for youth in Gaza?
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2018-10-09 22:12:38 UTC

You have to listen to the following jews youth in Israel:

Israeli youth: What message do you have for youth in Gaza?

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Amine Moulay Ramdane.
2018-10-10 20:48:09 UTC
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Israeli youth: What message do you have for youth in Gaza?
Pallies can't win for losing:

"In Gaza (the smaller of the two Palestinian territories) Hamas, the Islamic
terrorist group that has controlled the Palestinian enclave since 2007, has
suffered another defeat in its most recent war with Israel. Once more Hamas
thought it had it all figured out only to discover that the Israeli military
superiority represented more than weapons and well-trained troops. Defeat in
the latest six month war was due to being outmaneuvered by Israeli tactics
that exposed the weaknesses and ruthlessness of Hamas and left the rulers of
Gaza much worse off than when they began. This time Hamas thought they could
win the media war by encouraging civilians (via free food, publicity and
cash payments for those injured or killed) to try and physically force their
way through the security fence and into Israel. It didn’t work and so far
over 150 Palestinians have died. One Israeli has been killed, by a Hamas
sniper using a long-range 12.7mm Iranian sniper rifle. Hamas lost dozens of
members, many of the promising young leaders, These men were in the crowds
to urge the largely male (and teenage) force to keep going in the face of
tear gas, rubber bullets and real bullets for the few who made it through
the fence. This was all captured on video, from both sides, and it did not
reflect well on Hamas, which lost more support from its few remaining Arab
allies (and donors). This included Egypt, which also closed its border to
Gaza as well as increasing efforts to find and destroy Hamas smuggling
tunnels into Egypt.

"Another Hamas defeat, that was not unexpected, was new Israeli technology
which made it very difficult (and apparently, for the moment, impossible) to
dig tunnels under the security fence and into Israel. Moreover, it soon
became apparent that the Israelis had no intention of invading, as they had
in 2014. That war was another major disappointment for Hamas and they failed
to realize that the Israelis learned more from the 2014 war than Hamas did.
Six months into this latest war Hamas is faced with more unrest among the
nearly two million Palestinians it rules. Hamas is under even greater
pressure from its rival Fatah, which rules the West Bank. Egypt, which had
brokered numerous efforts to achieve peace with Israel, is pressuring Hamas
to make peace with Fatah and form a unified Palestinian government, even
though everyone believes Hamas would no longer be in charge of Gaza, or
anything else, because the group has become so unpopular with most
Palestinians. Everyone in the Arab world wants Hamas and Fatah to merge. But
the long record of failure means that would cost Hamas its control over Gaza
where most Palestinians are decidedly anti-Hamas. In fact, the only ally
Sunni Hamas has is Shia (and non-Arab) Iran which is currently calling for
Iranian Shia to replace the Sunni Arabs who have always controlled the most
sacred Islamic shrines in Mecca. Because of this latest war against Israel
Hamas has less support in Gaza, fewer Arab allies, less cash and is
generally despised by the Arab world."


More: https://www.strategypage.com/htmw/htwin/20181007.aspx


End of the line for Palestine: https://tinyurl.com/ybfkwfjb

Hamas runs out of options: https://bit.ly/2OhWZ00
Yitzhak Isaac Goldstein
2018-10-11 14:26:28 UTC
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Israeli youth: What message do you have for youth in Gaza?
Since 'Pally' is a non-existent ehnicity, there is no way they can be said
to 'win' or 'lose' anything.

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