Iran Accidentally Shot Down The Ukrainian Aircraft Flying Out Of Tehran - How Quickly Goys Forget USS Vincennes "Accidentally" Shooting Down Iran Flight 655 Nearly 32 Years Ago!
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Carolina Reb
2020-01-12 08:05:38 UTC
NTS posted...

I had updated my previous article about the accidental shooting down of
that Ukrainian passenger jet flying out of Tehran some 3 days ago,
showing how the Iranians had to finally admit that they were 100%
responsible for this tragedy..... But I figured I would put up a
separate article to further cover this tragedy in some detail here...

First, I do want to present the following report that comes from the
Moon of Alabama website, at www.moonofalabama.org, that is entitled:
"Iranian Armed Forces Say They Inadvertently Shot Down The Ukrainian
Plane" and covers some important facts about this real tragedy... I have
that article here and more of my own thoughts, comments, and further
details, to follow:


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The Peeler
2020-01-12 09:09:30 UTC
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