It's time for a few jew jokes
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The Peeler
2018-05-14 03:08:28 UTC
q; What do you call a flying jew?
a; smoke

q: What do you call a million jews at the bottom of the ocean?
a: good start

q: Why isn't Hitler allowed to cook at the family barbecue?
a: He always burn all the Franks

q: How do you get a jewish girls number
a: Roll up her sleeve
The Peeler
2018-05-14 08:46:46 UTC
On Sun, 13 May 2018 23:08:28 -0400, Loose Sphincter, the unhappily married
nazi homo, IMPERSONATING his master, The Peeler, whined again:

<FLUSH the gay nazi sow's usual made up shit>

Here are some REAL, not made up, jokes:

Loose Sphincter, dumb anal Razovic's devoted nazi whore, is ashamed of the
fat PIG he is married to and whines about it in PUBLIC.

Tulip Caroloony is publicly BEGGING people to contact her privately and
believes there is nazi gold hidden on the moon and nazi UFOs flying around
in the Antarctica.

Slimy Jesse admits he has a love affair with his "intimate objects", his

Dumb anal sexually crippled psychotic Razovic keeps obsessing about people's
genitals and men's rectums.

You just can't make up this kind of sick ridiculous shit! LOL

Why, oh WHY, are ALL Nazis, ALWAYS, without ANY exception, such LAUGHING
Loose Sphincter, the unhappily married nazi homo, whining in public about
its "PIG": "I'm embarrassed to show the old gang that this pig was the best
I could do for a wife."!
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