Sexy Kitty Blair
(too old to reply)
Carolina Reb
2018-03-10 02:19:04 UTC
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The Peeler
2018-03-10 09:54:22 UTC
On Fri, 9 Mar 2018 21:19:04 -0500, our resident senile nazi homo,
"All Bark & No Bite", aka Humpin Hampton, aka Caroloony Reb, the subnormal
moron and attested schizo from the States, wrote:

<FLUSH the disgusting senile nazi homo swine's usual disgusting sick nazi
homo bullshit unread>

Fuck off to your homegroup, you disgusting senile nazi homo swine!

Picture of the gay nazi sow looking for it's sty:
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Humpin Hampton about her homosexuality:
"Not to worry though, tonight will be ANOTHER night of surreptitious
cum collecting."
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Loose Cannon
2018-03-10 11:37:12 UTC
Wendy Iwanow, yet another neo-nazi slut who sucked Black Dick on Camera

Yep folks, it seems that sucking Black Dick is a pre-requisite
for entering the sub-lice neo-Nazi circles (BOTH for "men"
and "women").

Sit back in your chair, both humans and nazoid sub-lice, and
read the incredible story of Wendy Iwanow, aka "Bianca Trump"
(well, nazoid sub-lice, find someone to read it for you).

The following is a good start:


"It was in just over a year that Bianca Trump, an impossibly buxom
pin-up model and B-list porn actress, degenerated into Wendy Iwanow,
neo-Nazi tattoo artist and hanger-on in America's white racist
underground. Iwanow (her true name) was arrested on an outstanding
warrant for forgery on November 7, 2003 in the company of Aryan
Nations' fuehrer Richard Butler when her name was run at the airport
in Spokane, Washington."

Some of the films the cocksucking nazoid bitch appeared in are
"Creme de la Face", "Rent-a-Butt", and "Little White Girl, Big
Black Man."

This is just too good, too good... LOMPO!