Good Question About L:iberals and White Privilege
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Michael Ejercito
2018-01-12 12:23:03 UTC

Given Their Belief in the Existence of White Privilege, How Can Liberals
Support “May Issue” Pistol Permit Systems, Where Government Officials May
Deny Pistol Permits at Their Discretion?

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Mein Fuehrer Trump
2018-01-12 14:25:13 UTC
democrats are racists while loving trump is the opposite of white privilege.

even trump says he loves the niggers. he says that once we slaughter all
the leftists we will live in mixed race, multicultural harmony with one
America for all!

see you at the next trump rally.

Blood and Soil! Gott mit Uns! Jews will not replace us! White
Pride America Wide! Sieg Heil!

In Trump we Trust.