"Atomwaffen Division" (LOL!): yet MORE sick nazoid pedos!!
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Andrew "Andrzej" Baron
2020-03-26 00:01:03 UTC
I thank Walt "Pigshit" Hampton for mentioning them here.

"leader of a white-supremacist group accused of threatening journalists
and activists was also involved in sharing child pornography"

"She said they also told law enforcement officials that Denton was 'trading
child pornography back and forth' with another individual and had a folder
of the material on his computer."

"Denton will not be the first person investigated for possible domestic
terrorism links to face child exploitation counts. Benjamin Bogard was
convicted in Texas last year and sentenced to more than six years in
prison for possession of child pornography. James Mason, a neo-Nazi highly
influential in Atomwaffen, also has a criminal child pornography record."


Folks... there's only ONE solution for nazoid sub-lice!
Carolina Reb
2020-03-26 00:18:31 UTC
Post by Andrew "Andrzej" Baron
I thank Walt "Pigshit" Hampton for mentioning them here.
Brian Lambsky
Nov 18
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The Peeler
2020-03-26 08:57:17 UTC
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