HUH? HAY! SHAY NOW BARUCH (jew pedophile Baruch 'Barry' Shein dba Barry Z. Shein (bzs@TheWorld.com) infeshting 700 Washington St B'righton Mass)...ALL the jew poshts by your jew aliashesh carry, the SHAME LINE in, the jew header! LOLOK
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The Jews
2018-03-08 14:49:48 UTC
Gordon Radovich [***@tiscali.co.uk], the anally-obsessed,
unemployable, impotent, glue-huffing, passportless, rope-dodging,
pedophilic, bestiality-practicing Serbian coprophiliac nazi-wannabe,
hated by Hitler and proven by White Nationalist Scholars to be
inferior to Asian peoples, tried to cover up his abject fear of the
fascist-slapping, nazi-tormenting, totalitarian-taunting, superior
Jews that torture him daily, and reveal his complete and total
ignorance, and expose his countless excuses to avoid getting
Nuremberged®, by taking time out of his busy schedule of felching his
mother for spending money and then masturbating to kiddie porn to lie
CAN'T, you GET, your shleazy shlimy jew pedo shyshadmin (ALSHO called
Baruch 'Barry' Shein) to update his, obsholete shoftware to REMOVE
that at leasht???
Re: HUH? HAY! SHAY NOW BARUCH (jew pedophile Baruch
700 Washington St B'righton Mass)...
This is too funny.

Gordon won't confirm this is a "verified" address, which only means
ONE thing- he's too embarrassed to reveal that he's been scammed by

Once again, some bored Hebrew saw a glue-huffer he could have a little
fun with, and Gordon fell into the trap, where he's now stuck, just
like Br'er Rabbit, except nobody is coming to throw him in the


And just take a look at this place!

Bright, airy rooms!
Loading Image...

Can you just IMAGINE opening these windows and letting in the fresh
air, Gordon?
Loading Image...

How about sitting on this porch in the evening and waving to your
neighbors as they stroll by?
Loading Image...

Within walking distance of the library, Lessard's Barber Shop, and the
Last Drop-- an unassuming hangout offering pool, darts & a jukebox!

Now, We know you can't even IMAGINE emerging from your dark, filthy,
squalid cellar and interacting with other adult humans, but just
imagine how nice this would be if you were, well, you know, normal!

Oh well.


"Why do I keep getting scammed by Jews? Is it because they're so smart, or because I'm so stupid?"
-Gordon Radovich 2018

"I don't even have the heart to tell him I've never lived in
- Me, acknowledging that I lied from the *very beginning*, and
tormented the gullible Gordon for MONTHS while sitting back and
watching him come up with pathetic excuse after pathetic excuse for
not coming to holocaust me.

-Gordon Radovich, Wed, 17 Jan 2018

"HUH ? O, shitscared of being, traced and 'holocausted'®™ that he set, up an untraceable Gmail account JUST, to email me!
"null.net account traceable ?
-Gordon, inanely babbling about a gmail account which he claimed he never got an email from, but somehow he knows about."
The Peeler
2018-03-08 17:51:38 UTC
Has anyone EVER seen a sick asshole like dumb anal Razovic? I guess not! LOL
CAN'T, you GET, your shleazy shlimy jew pedo shyshadmin (ALSHO called
Baruch 'Barry' Shein) to update his, obsholete shoftware to REMOVE
that at leasht???
RJ (preferred jew aliash)
- -
" I don't even have the heart to tell him I've never infested
- Klaun Shittinb'ricks (1940 - ), acknowledging that he lied
from the very beginning, A jew scam, as expected
"The jew g-d is your g-d's dad."
- quoted from the Foreskin Peeler's doctoral dissertation
(Divinity, 'University' of Salonica, 2001)
"But vhere vill ve be able to vatch gay jews taking black cock up ze
- Klaun Shittinb'ricks (1940 - ), bemoaning the depletion of jews
in Hollyvood and the effect on his viewing preferences
"Actually, it is obvious he's not all there. Most wannabes are short
on IQ and have severe mental problems. I have yet to see a post from
this cretin that makes sense. Usually, he just does his "You are a
Nazi........." and even *that* he aped from some other imbecile. His
other attempts at posting in usenet usually consist of one line or
even one word drivel."
- Boadicea, about GBLTP dreckgook Ejershito
Totally retarded, anal, subnormal and extremely proud of it: our resident
psychopath, dumb serbian bitch G. Razovic (aka "The Rectum").