Christ-Insantiy Is For Fools!
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Carolina Reb
2019-11-01 17:30:52 UTC
“In the book, Reno says he wants a “widespread revival of Christianity
in the West”… No way! Sorry! This idea that Christianity will save the
Western world must be dumped and buried deep. Christianity — an
egalitarian, wimpy, turn-the-other-cheek religion — is a big part of why
the West is currently being destroyed. For example, the mainstream
Christian churches embrace racial diversity and unchecked non-White
immigration (“as long as the Brown and Black people are Christians,
they’re good for America” the churches believe). Christianity is not a
Western religion. It was founded in the Middle East, and in fact, it was
created by Jews, who wrote the Old Testament. The West must adopt a
White, non-egalitarian religion, whichever one it might be (perhaps
Odin-ism?). However, some people have noted that White nationalism is,
by itself, a religion of sorts.

The Peeler
2019-11-01 18:14:28 UTC
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