HUH? Will grubby incajonic Anti-American jew cocksucker Klaun Scheisseziegelsteine get, implicated in sleazy jew slimebag Jeffrey Epsteen's sex trafficking?
(too old to reply)
2019-07-10 14:16:26 UTC

Will, he?

Along with all the other sleazy jews coming out of the voodvork...Alan
Dershovitz, Voody Allen... ?

The Jews
2019-07-10 14:49:22 UTC
Gonadal dysgenesis suffering fake wannabe Nazi Gordon Radovich
[***@tiscali.co.uk], the anally-obsessed, unemployable, impotent,
glue-huffing, passportless, rope-dodging, pedophilic,
bestiality-practicing Serbian coprophiliac Queen Mary Parking Lot
black cock worshipper, who for some reason posts pretending to be
Jewish, hated by Hitler and proven by White Nationalist Scholars to be
inferior to Asian peoples, tried to cover up his abject fear of the
fascist-slapping, Nazi-tormenting, totalitarian-taunting, superior
Jews that torture him daily, and reveal his complete and total
ignorance, and expose his countless excuses to avoid getting
Nuremberged®, by taking time out of his busy schedule of felching his
mother for spending money and then masturbating to kiddie porn (while
he desperately hides from Barry for over 11 years even though he has
his address!) to lie when he pathetically copied a superior being's
words and changed them around a bit to make it look like he was
Post by NEMO
Will, he?
Am I excited about stories about 14 year old girls? Of course not! That's *WAY* too old for me!
Good think you're hiding in your cellar, Gordon! LOL

"Why do I keep getting scammed by Jews? Is it because they're so smart, or because I'm so stupid?"
-Gordon Radovich 2018

2019 Score Card for Gordon Radovich

# of Jews holocausted to date - 0
# of subhumans deported to date - 0
# of people Gordon has "kicked off" of Usenet - 0
# of times Gordon has been humiliated on Usenet - [infinity]
# of years Gordon has hid from Barry - 12
# of years Gordon has hid from Chris Morton - 16+

-Gordon Radovich, Wed, 17 Jan 2018

"HUH ? O, shitscared of being, traced and 'holocausted'®™ that he set, up an untraceable Gmail account JUST, to email me!
"null.net account traceable ?
-Gordon, inanely babbling about a gmail account which he claimed he never got an email from, but somehow he knows about."
Post by NEMO
Gordon, How did YOUR brain get so rattled?
"To/too/two (pick one) much sodomy and/or cocksucking!"
-Gordon Radovich
The Peeler
2019-07-10 17:07:17 UTC
Our resident AIDS-infected gay pedophilic asshole just doesn't make sense
anymore! LOL
Post by NEMO
Will, he?
Along with all the other sleazy jews coming out of the voodvork...Alan
Dershovitz, Voody Allen... ?
Pedophiliac dreckserb Razovic arguing in favour of pedophilia again:
"Isn't it time that paedophiles were admitted to the LGBTQ rainbow?
Now that every other sexual deviation seems to have been accommodated?"
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