When a Monkey shits
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נפש בר יוחאי
2019-02-10 05:56:01 UTC
When a monkey shits it comes out as an Iranian.
2019-02-10 07:00:17 UTC
Post by נפש בר יוחאי
When a monkey shits it comes out as an Iranian.
You have a serious issue, Israeli citizen. It has nothing
to do with the nation of Iran.
The Peeler
2019-02-10 08:59:11 UTC
On Sat, 9 Feb 2019 23:00:17 -0800 (PST), our resident senile nazi homo,
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2019-02-10 18:24:10 UTC
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<***@att.net> wrote:

[shit flushed down Walt's hungry throat]

How EXACTLY do you eat shit? Do you prefer the direct delivery
method, like your hero, Shitty Shiteater Shitler?

Yes folks, FOUR leading experts concluded: Shitler ate shit!
"He is an extreme masochist who derives sexual pleasure from
having a woman squat over him while she uriniates or defecates
on his face."

Quoted from

"A Psychological Analysis of Adolph Hitler"

Walter C. Langer, Harvard

With the collaboration of
Prof. Henry A. Murr, Harvard Psychological Clinic
Dr. Ernst Kris, New School for Social Research
Dr. Bertram D. Lawin, New York Psychoanalytic Institute


Some believe that he [Hitler] is entirely immune from such impulses.
Some believe that he is a chronic masturbator. Some believe that
he derives his sexual pleasure [Page 138] through voyeurism. Many
believe that he is completely impotent. Others, and these are perhaps
in the majority, that he is homosexual. It is probably true that he is
impotent but he is certainiy not homosexual in the ordinary sense of
the term. His perversion has quite a different nature which few have
guessed. He is an extreme masochist who derives sexual pleasure from
having a woman squat over him while she uriniates or defecates on his
face. (Strasser, 919; see also 931, 932)*

[*Note: There may be some people who would question the reliability of
any information given by Otto Strasser because of his reputation. It
is perhaps because of his reputation that he came by this information
which had been so carefully guarded. He also supplied the interviewer
with a great deal of other information concerning Hitler which
checked very closely with that of other informants. As far as this
study is concerned we have no reason to question his sincerity.]

Although this perversion is not a common one, it is not unknown in
clinical work, particularly in its incipient stages. The four
collaborators on this study, in addition to Dr. De Saussure who
learned of the perversion from other sources, have all had experience
with cases of this type. All five agree that their information as
given is probably true in view of their clinical experience and their
knowledge of Hitler's character. In the following section further
evidence of its validition will be cited. At the present moment it is
sufficient to recognize the influence that this perversion must have
on the conscious mental life of Hitler.