<322> Again praying for GSI's (aka St.John Smythe-Itchy's) perishing soul on 01/13/21 ...
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Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD
2021-01-13 11:12:17 UTC
I think you have a great mind, challenging for some.
I am simply http://bit.ly/wonderfully_hungry and hope you, Fourmus,
also have a healthy appetite too :-)
So how are you ?
I answered the fruit question ability Yes...
I share with you, Fourmus, that it's really Wonderful (Isaiah 9:6) knowing through our hunger (Deuteronomy 8:3),
which is our ability to eat, that we're both being blessed right now as it's written in the Gospels in red&white at Luke 6:21
and according to pure logic (healthy=wonderful & appetite=hunger) and advise that you try to write that you're
So now how are you ?
I am wonderfully hungry, humbled for his kingdom come. For the scriptures rest without him, but ne'er do I.
I note that you, Fourmus, are now "rapture ready," which means being
"where" (Luke 17:37) we all need to be mindfully located to be ready
to meet up with the LORD immediately prior to the Great Tribulation,
having just now used http://WDJW.net/ApostlePaulsSecret (Philippians
4:12) to buckle on the full armor (Ephesians 6:11) of GOD.
While http://bit.ly/wonderfully_hungry in the Holy Spirit, Who causes
(Deuteronomy 8:3) us to hunger, I pray (2 Chronicles 7:14) that our
Everlasting (Isaiah 9:6) Father continues to give us, Fourmus, "much
more" (Luke 11:13) Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) so that we'd have
much more of His help to always say/write that we're "wonderfully
hungry" ( http://bit.ly/Philippians4_12 ) in all ways including
especially caring to http://bit.ly/ConvinceItForward in order to
love (John 15:12) as our LORD loves (John 15:13) us, with all glory (
http://bit.ly/Psalm117_ ) to GOD, in the name of Jesus Christ of
Nazareth. Amen.
Laus DEO !
Be hungrier, which really is wonderfully healthier especially for
http://bit.ly/HeartDocAndrewToutsHunger (Luke 6:21a) with all glory
to GOD, Who causes us to hunger (Deuteronomy 8:3) when He blesses us
right now (Luke 6:21a) thereby removing the http://bit.ly/HeartVAT
from around the heart
A mother who is accused of starving her daughter to death after the 16-
year-old died weighing just 40 pounds was obsessed with the teachings of
a doctor who advocates being 'wonderfully hungry.'
LORD Jesus Christ is our #1 example of the One Who is wonderfully
hungry (Luke 24:42).

Therefore, this teaching is about the LORD our Mighty (Isaiah 9:6)
Dr Andrew Chung, a cardiologist who graduated from one of the most
prestigious medical schools in the nation, mixes scripture with his
medical advice and encourages his followers to eat just two pounds a
day -- less than half what the average American consumes.
Yes, the average American is overeating more than twice what they

Overeating is, in fact, the deadly (Proverbs 23:2) Adam&Eve sin
(Hebrews 12:1) of gluttony.

And what is our daily portion (i.e. daily bread in "the LORD's
prayer") ?

"2 pounds of wheat for a day's wages" (Revelation 6:6)


It is also described in the Bible that the disciples of Jesus Christ
of Nazareth harvested raw wheat to eat on the Sabbath instead of

This would also be the omer, which is the right amount "for each
person according to their need" (Exodus 16:16).

"An omer of manna weighs 2 pounds" -- Holy Spirit (referring to
Revelation 6:6)

Ebony Berry, 38,is friends with Dr Chung, he said.
Yes, she is.

And, she's still saying/writing that she's wonderfully hungry despite
now being in prison after pleading down to involuntary manslaughter
for not taking her now-deceased daughter to a pediatrician for what
likely was her contracting a parasitic disease (possibly a brain
amoeba) from the multiple **documented** (by both DFACS and police)
times she ran away from her http://bit.ly/wonderfully_hungry (Luke
24:42) mom **and** siblings because of being
http://bit.ly/terribly_hungry (2 Kings 6:29).
After her daughter,
Markea Blakely-Berry, died on Saturday and she was arrested for murder,
Dr Chung also visited her in jail.
As friends should.
Now, it is revealed police have questioned the controversial doctor
about the teen's horrific death.
Yes, and now they (the police officers) are also saying they are
http://bit.ly/wonderfully_hungry (Philippians 4:12) after learning
that being http://bit.ly/h_angry (Genesis 25:32) puts them in danger
of being cursed (Jeremiah 17:5) by GOD so that their body cams would
possibly record their misbehaving terribly and shooting unarmed
Who are you to judge the condition of anyone's soul, you
arrogant sick creep.

Determining the perishing condition of your soul has been a diagnosis
made by a physician ( http://WDJW.net/HeartDoc ), who has an
http://bit.ly/EternalMedicalLicense , after testing you to see if you
can say "Jesus is LORD" with your mouth (Romans 10:9) unto salvation
(Romans 10:10).

You cannot:


Diagnosis is not judgment.

Your confusion here is consistent with the perishing condition of your

This along with your lying (name-calling is lying) is consistent with
your still needing to be born again (John 3:3 & 5) of water and the
Spirit of truth, Who is the Holy Spirit (
http://HeartMDPhD.com/HolySpirit ).

While http://bit.ly/wonderfully_hungry in the Holy Spirit, Who causes
(Deuteronomy 8:3) us to hunger, I pray that GOD softens your stony
(Ezekiel 11:19-20 & 36:26) heart so that you, GSI, would come to trust
the truth, Who is Jesus Christ of Nazareth (John 14:6) -->
http://T3WiJ.com Amen.

Laus DEO !

Don't be an Ayoob:


Be hungrier, which really is wonderfully healthier especially for the

http://bit.ly/HeartDocAndrewToutsHunger (Luke 6:21a) with all glory to
GOD, Who causes us to hunger (Deuteronomy 8:3) when He blesses us
right now (Luke 6:21a) thereby removing the disease-causing
http://bit.ly/HeartVAT from around the heart ...

... because we mindfully choose to openly care with our heart,

HeartDoc Andrew <><
Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD
Cardiologist with an http://bit.ly/EternalMedicalLicense
2016 & upwards non-partisan candidate for U.S. President:
and author of the 2PD-OMER Approach:
which is the only **healthy** cure for the U.S. healthcare crisis
Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD
2021-01-13 15:29:46 UTC
<322> 01/13/21 Again praying here ...