THE MOST HILARIOUS THING YOU EVER SAW: Ultra Retarded and Clinically Insane serb Idiot KEEPS MANUALLY and LABORIOUSLY adding an "h" after every "s"! LOL
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2021-10-12 23:04:30 UTC
Imagine the poor sicko sitting at home, all day long, MANUALLY and
LABORIOUSLY adding an "h" after every "s" in EVERY SINGLE article she can
find about "the Jews" ...and occasionally missing some "s's"!

That poor idiot IS clinically insane! LOL

Innit, our pedophilic punching bag? You know it yourself! You just DON'T
know what to do about it!

Pedophilic dreckserb Razovic arguing in favour of pedophilia, again:
"Why do we still have outdated laws prohibiting paedophilia? Do you
seriously think that a 12-year old who spends 15 hours a day on Facebook
doesn't know what's going on?"
MID: <FnMUE.676068$***@usenetxs.com>

So 12-year-olds are your thing, filthy old pedo swine?
Loose Cannon
2021-10-13 02:56:07 UTC

So many aliases has he. What a joke!!