The word 'hate' being misused
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2019-10-08 12:25:44 UTC
The 'hate' word was directed at our true conservative party leader of the People's Party of Canada.
Our regular Progressive Conservatie(PC, politically correct)is a sham
Only a brainwashed buffoon would think that the PPC incites hatred.


Jagmeet Singh accused Maxime Bernier of inciting hatred Monday evening, as Canada’s first racialized federal party leader repeatedly squared off against the boss of the country’s newest far-right party at the English-language election debate.

Bernier's year-old People’s Party of Canada stands for "ending official multiculturalism" and slashing the number of immigrants allowed into the country. Its platform also denies the science of climate change. On Monday, Canadians had their first opportunity to watch Bernier debate other federal political leaders.

He wasted little time putting this new exposure to use, tossing out an incendiary anti-Semitic slur in some of his first remarks when he declared that “the other leaders on this stage are globalists” and attacked the United Nations as a “dysfunctional organization.” Discussions about Bernier’s policies ended up dominating the first half of the debate.

Singh, the NDP leader, had already expressed his displeasure at Bernier’s invitation to the debate. Bernier had initially been barred, until the commission in charge of organizing the event changed its mind last month, saying it believed the People’s Party had a "reasonable chance of success in more than one riding" based on recent polling.

On Monday, Bernier called out Singh for his opposition to his presence during a discussion about Bill 21, the Quebec law that bans religious symbolism in the public sector that is before the Quebec Court of Appeal. The law has been attacked as xenophobic and racist.

“You said that you didn’t want me to be here on the stage to have a discussion with you. So, you’re for diversity, but what about diversity of opinion?” he asked Singh. It was a callback; Bernier has said that "more diversity" would "destroy what has made us such a great country.”

“After a couple of minutes of this debate tonight, I think people can clearly see why I didn’t think you deserved a platform,” Singh shot back. “It’s one thing to say you disagree with someone, that’s fine. But when you incite hatred,” he added, “you don’t deserve a platform...your ideas are hurtful to Canada.”

The two-hour debate on Oct. 7, inside the sprawling Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Que, saw the six leaders facing off on five critical topics ⁠— “environment and energy,” “Indigenous issues,” “polarization, human rights and immigration,” “leadership, in Canada and on the world stage” and “affordability and economic insecurity" ⁠— overseen by five seasoned moderators.
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