The AIDS-Iinfected Carolina Rectum Hampton wouldn't know Asian from Caucasian or what a Girl was from his own Sodomized bloody ass Rectum if his life depended on it!
(too old to reply)
2019-11-03 00:45:04 UTC
Nazism and homo-sexual Jew Hate are inextricably linked. If you know one you know the other. The only "genius" of Hitler and all the other little Adolphs running around here, there, and everywhere is their mutual abilities to fail, suck cock, and recognize each other in beer halls, gay bars, and German beer Putsches —— sieg heil motherfuckers.
Carolina Reb
2019-11-03 03:29:25 UTC
You are indeed the one that Chancellor Hitler singled out, Jewboy!
The Peeler
2019-11-03 09:48:30 UTC
On Sat, 2 Nov 2019 20:29:25 -0700 (PDT), our resident senile nazi homo,
"All Bark & No Bite", aka Humpin Hampton, aka Caroloony Reb, the subnormal
moron and attested schizo from the States, wrote:

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You STINK of your FAGGOTRY, you disgusting senile nazi homo

F'up to your homegroup

Picture of the ridiculous gay nazi assclown (with ridiculous hat! LOL):
Cock-crazed homo Hampton:
"Oh Alan you broke my heart!"
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