Now who vould do a zing like that ?
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2018-12-04 03:34:23 UTC
I think we all know ,,, Joos are notorious for false flag "hate crimes"
against themselves, and I seriously doubt if this is an exception.

Columbia has likely launched into mandatory ACLU sensitivity and
tolerance training by now, and is giving $10,000's to joos to ease their
traumatic suffering - While the joos themselves laugh sideways out their
asses how easy it is to fool the gullible goys, and they teach blacks,
aztecs and even muslims to do the same thing.


Outrage as Holocaust scholar and professor at Columbia University's
Teacher's College finds swastikas and anti-Semitic slurs spray-painted
on her office walls

Professor Elizabeth Midlarksy's New York City office was vandalized
She teaches psychology, education at Teachers College, Columbia
Midlarksy, who is Jewish, is also a prominent Holocaust researcher
Swastikas and the slur 'YID' were spray-painted in red on her walls
The Nazi symbol had previously been spray-painted on her office
walls in 2007
She blames the rise in Anti-Semitism for this incident, saying it's
'the wind now'

From NPS:
"Do not feed the animals !
Animals that are fed lose not only their natural fear of humans, but
also their ability to forage on their own. They often become overly
aggressive and completely dependent on handouts."
2018-12-04 10:13:10 UTC
The "Master Race": cowardly German generals hiding in waist-high excrement


Lieutenant Colonel Leonid Vinokur was the first to catch sight of [German
General in Stalingrad] Paulus and his recollection is published for the
first time in the book.

He said: 'Paulus lay on the bed when I entered. He lay there in his coat,
with his cap on. He had two-week-old beard stubble and seemed to have
lost all courage.'

His aide, Major Anatloy Zoldatov, recalled: 'The filth and human excrement
and who knows what else was piled up waist-high. It stank beyond belief.'

'They could have easily shot themselves,' said Major General Ivan Burmakov.
'But Paulus and his staff chose not to do that. They had no intention of
dying - they were such cowards. They didn't have the courage to die.'

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2018-12-04 10:13:12 UTC
On Mon, 3 Dec 2018 22:34:23 -0500, Slimy JeSSe, the mentally defective
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I think we all know ,,, Joos are notorious for false flag "hate crimes"
against themselves, and I seriously doubt if this is an exception.
Trying to climax again, you ridiculous impotent online nazi cretin? LOL
Shadow describing Slimy Jesse:
"With your stature you could lick a rat's arse without bending your knees -
and that's a compliment !"
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