Something From Nothing?
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Carolina Reb
2019-09-11 04:45:55 UTC
The Peeler
2019-09-11 07:40:37 UTC
On Wed, 11 Sep 2019 00:45:55 -0400, our resident senile nazi homo,
"All Bark & No Bite", aka Humpin Hampton, aka Caroloony Reb, the subnormal
moron and attested schizo from the States, wrote:

<FLUSH the disgusting senile nazi homo swine's usual disgusting sick nazi
homo bullshit unread>

NO gays in this group, capisci, you disgusting senile nazi homo swine! So
fuck off to your homegroup!

F'up to alt.homosexual

The ridiculous old "gayer than gay" picture of herself that our resident gay
nazitard, Caroloony, recently posted to "disprove" that she's gay (LOL):

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Yeah, that tulip with the gay GREEN knee socks, the ridiculous gay barett,
fondling a cat, is the very same flaming fag who completely despaired when
her tulips died (see sig)! LOL
Our resident tulip Caroloony completely despaired because of her dying
tulips :
"Heinrch today finds me very depressed. My tulip blossoms
are dying. Of course, I know they will be back next year,
but that is small consolation for here and now. I am so
depressed I don't even feel like fucking with these goddamn
MID: <462bcc0f-743e-4fc9-a346-***@googlegroups.com>

How gay can you still get? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA...!!!